Annual Tax Returns

We complete annual tax returns for self- employed individuals and PAYE workers who may be in receipt of extra income such as rents or dividends. Our fully comprehensive service works with you to complete your tax return, ensuring that your tax affairs are in perfect shape.

If you are self-assessed, you must file a tax return by the 31st October following the end of the tax year. If you file online this deadline is extended by about 2 weeks.

Self-Assessment applies for Income Tax purposes to:

  • Self-employed persons (i.e. people carrying on their own business including farming, professions or vocations)
  • Persons receiving income from sources where some or all of the tax cannot be collected under the PAYE system, for example:
    • Profits from rents
    • Investment income
    • Foreign income and foreign pensions
    • Maintenance payments made to separated persons or where civil partnerships are dissolved,
    • Fees and other income not subject to the PAYE system
    • Profit arising on exercising various Share Options/Share Incentives

If you submit after the due date a surcharge will be added to your tax bill for the year. The surcharge is:

  • 5% of the tax up to a maximum of €12,695 where the return is made within 2 months of the return filing date
  • 10% of the tax up to a maximum of €63,485 where the return is made more than 2 months after the return filing date

We offer a fast, friendly, efficient and cost effective service. By availing of our services you can ensure that you do not incur a surcharge for late filing of your tax returns. You also get the services of a Qualified Tax professional to ensure you are fully tax compliant.

If you would like more information about how we can help you ensure you meet all your self -assessment requirements please contact us.

Talk to TAB Taxation Services Ltd today to arrange for one of our tax experts to assist you with your self-assessment tax return.