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State Pension (Contributory) Update

There are two different State Pensions systems, namely the Social Insurance system and the Social Assistance system. The Social Insurance system provides pension benefits based on an individual’s PRSI record over their lifetime whereas the Social Assistance system provides means tested pension benefits. Herein we are going to look at the State Pension (Contributory) which […]

Offshore disclosure deadline extended to next Thursday

The Offshore disclosure deadline has been extended until next Thursday 4th May at 5:30 p.m.  The Revenue Commissioners issued a press release today to announce the extension to the deadline and are encouraging anyone affected to avail of this extension to a full disclosure of their offshore interests. If you have any queries with regards to […]

Revenue letter to taxpayers on offshore assets

Revenue letter to taxpayers on offshore assets Revenue has recently written to thousands of self – assessed tax payers who filed income tax returns for 2015 to invite them to review their tax affairs and consider whether they need to make a disclosure to Revenue and pay over any underpaid tax, interest and penalties.  They […]

Non Principal Private Residence (NPPR) charge

Non Principal Private Residence (NPPR) charge In light of the recent High Court decision which held that the Non Principal Private Residence charge (NPPR), which was payable from 2009 to 2013, was a deductible rental expense, the Revenue have launched an appeal to the Court of Appeal.  Until that appeal is decided Revenue is not […]

Capital Acquisitions Tax changes in Finance Act 2016 – what do they mean for you?

Capital Acquisitions Tax changes in Finance Act 2016 – what do they mean for you? The 2016 Finance Act was passed into law on Christmas Day. The three tax-free thresholds that apply to gifts and inheritances were increased in the last Budget and are enacted in Section 53 of the Act. The increased thresholds apply […]

Please find below our Budget 2017 summary, which details changes that may impact you.

Budget 2017 Summary   The Minister for Finance and the Minster for Public Expenditure and Reform delivered the Budget 2017 on 11 October 2016, first budget under the minority Government, against what is arguably the most favorable economic and fiscal backdrop in a number of years. Notwithstanding this fact, it is also true to say […]

Budget 2016 Summary & Analysis

Budget 2016 Summary & Analysis   No change in pension tax relief limits Opportunity before Pay & File ROS deadline of the 12th of November (or 31st of October for others), to backdate personal pension contributions to 2014 and obtain tax relief at 41% (for higher rate taxpayers within the usual limits for 2014) instead […]

Markets Update: 25th August 2015

• Global equity markets have fallen -9.7% in local currency terms over the last four trading days to the close of markets on Monday 24th August. The fundamental cause of the fall in markets has been concern over the growth outlook in China and its possible implications for global growth while selling pressure has been […]